Warranty Information

For peace of mind we offer a manufacturers warranty on all our products. If you ever have a need to claim against the warranty please contact us and we’ll guide you through the process.

All Warranty covers only manufacturer’s defect

Our warranties start on the day of purchase stated in our sales receipt. Please retain your sales receipt as proof of purchase for a valid warranty claim.

We are confident in the quality of our products and every of our tool is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our warehouse. Most of our tools are covered by warranties, excluding accessories and spare parts. Our products come with six (6) month of limited warranty period.

Our warranties are subject to the below Terms and Conditions:
  1. Purchase receipt must be presented when servicing or warranty is required.
  2. Warranty ONLY cover tools purchase and used in Singapore. Warranty does not cover tools purchased from overseas or sold by other sellers.
This warranty will be null & void in any of the following events during the warranty period:
  1. The product unit has undergone repair, attempted a repair, dismantle or modification in any way whatsoever by any other person
  2. Damage resulting from the use of improper accessories, non-genuine replacement parts, disassembly, tampering, alternation and repairing in any way that affects the reliability and performance.
  3. Damage resulting from negligence, accident, disaster, improper storage or maintenance, abuse and misuse in evident caused by overloading the tool beyond its capacity.
  4. Abnormal voltage or usage of a generator, wrong usage not in accordance with the Operation Manual.
  5. If the Serial Number on the tool, seal on the battery and charger has been defaced or removed.
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