On Using A Circular Saw: What You Should Know

Aug 02, 2022


Handling A Power Tool Like A Circular Saw

Do you know what a circular saw is? The circular saw is a powerful machine tool that comes in handy during heavy-duty work. Due to the solidity of its blade pulled by a chain, it can cut through any material whether plastic, metal, or wood into long, straight cuts with acute precision and grip. Powered by a motor or gasoline engine, it is a common tool among lumberjacks to cut readymade lumber according to the right shapes and size.

Thanks to technology, the circular saw is designed to be easy to use and a diverse range of models display unique features that come with the best value for money.

If you are on the quest for a circular saw, learn how to perform a smooth cut all the while ensuring personal safety. Practically speaking, some saws demand minimal effort when others require strenuous labour. But a circular saw is largely regarded as the least complex choice. Even then, it is an intricate tool so you will need to be aware of what steps to follow and familiarise yourself to achieve the cleanest cut possible.

You can follow these tips and techniques for quicker, safer, and more effective results from your experience.

1. Stick To Straight Cuts

To run a quick and short straight cut, you’ll first need to adjust the height because you do not want the blade touching anything when you start. It is usually held by handles in the front and rear. For longer cuts, a guide rail would be useful to ensure measurement accuracy and splinters.

2. Decide On Depth Before The Cut

One of the most important factors prior to making a cut is to determine the blade depth after which adjustments can be made. According to a circular saw supplier, it is advised to set it within a 1/8” to 1/4”inch measurement from the bottom edge of the board where the cutting takes place. It is important to work with a sharp blade because a saw blade with too much exposure can be dangerous and eventually fail to produce flawless cuts as the end result.

3. Avoid Deep Cuts

Ideally, a rip-cut tool is the most recommended option to cut a straight line with a circular saw. Setting the blade too deep causes a few issues like cutting into your work surface due to the sheer force and speed of the circular saw that can cut through any material. There is also the risk of the blade losing control of the bind and kicking back when the tool jumps out of the workpiece towards the operator.

4. Wear Protective Gear

If you know how hazardous power tools are by now, you are in for trouble when you are not armed with the appropriate safety basics. As a circular saw supplier, we are here to provide you with the perfect safety tools like eye and hearing protection. Your safety is paramount especially with tools that are harmful while in operation. It is best to use a circular saw or any power tool because exposure to severe injuries is high. When cutting with a saw, make sure to also wear a safety mask as the work involves flying dust. Consider getting suitable hand protection like gloves so that injuries to the hand can be avoided. At the same time, be mindful of the technical specifications unique to power tools such as the methods of control in each unit or device property. This way you are preventing yourself from the risks many workers face due to carelessness.

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